Earth Care Sunday at Covenant

Come join us for an exciting and uplifting Earth Care Season! Earth Day is Monday, April 22, with events starting Saturday, April 20. Google “Earth Day 2024 Roanoke VA” & enjoy the outdoor Earth Day Celebrations! Ÿ

Our Earth Day Worship Service is Sunday, April 21. Our theme “Passionate about Earth Care?  How Can I Help?” will leave you uplifted and inspired. Ÿ

”Season of Earth Care” Sunday School Classes April 21 to May 12 – we will delve into areas of interest and ways to protect and restore God’s magnificent creation that enrich our lives, and more often than not, also our wallets!  From plastics pollution to food waste, sustainable food choices and healthy eating, organic lawn and gardening methods, and energy saving ideas, each class will enlighten and empower.

Loving God. Loving people. Making disciples.
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