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Faith Formation Ministry

The Faith Formation Team cultivates and coordinates Covenant’s teaching ministry by providing educational and learning opportunities for all ages that enhance faith formation and spiritual development.
Faith Formation includes:
Sunday School (Children, Youth, Adults)
Children’s Worship
Covenant Kids Connections
Covenant Youth Group Confirmation Class
Vacation Bible School Collaboration with Covenant Preschool Team
Study Groups (Women’s, Men’s, Holy Hunch)
Centering Prayer
Women’s Circle of Friends
Church Library

“Were not our hearts burning within us

while he was talking to us on the road,

while he was opening the scriptures to us?”

Luke 24:32

Two disciples. On the Road to Emmaus. Their eyes opened, and their hearts burning within them as they encountered the Risen Christ who interprets for them the scriptures. It is our love of Christ and our love for learning God’s word that forms our faith journeys and empowers us to pass the faith from one generation to the next.
Loving God. Loving people. Making disciples.
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