Sunday School

Let Your Light Shine in Sunday School!

Classes for all ages are meeting via Zoom!

“We are called to be Christ’s light in the world. Come explore meaningful ways to nurture your faith, to grow in your relationship with the Lord, and let His Light Shine in your interactions with others... and do so in the midst of fellowship with your Covenant family.”

For Children:

Pre–K to 1st Grade and 2nd Grade – 5th Grade meet for Sunday School on Zoom
from 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM.

Children’s Sunday School classes explore the stories of our faith tradition and the faith-based actions/practices of our faith in multi-sensory, stimulating ways. Classes begin with praises to God through music, followed by age-appropriate lessons for Bible learning. Each week, children will relate with Bible characters, see themselves in the Bible story, and apply faith-based actions to their own lives as they learn about the stories of our faith, from Creation to the Gospels and beyond!

During the Lenten Season, children will engage in a special study entitled "The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus” a six-week series of Lenten lessons about where Jesus walked and what Jesus taught as a part of His resurrection and God’s John 3:16 love for our world. Packaged in a bag of weekly activities for interactive connected steps, the general program was developed by Adam Hamilton and includes activities and scripture related to Jesus’s life and ministry leading to Jerusalem and to Easter time. Our stories take into consideration the age of the child and the child’s need to seek God’s love for all in salvation. It is a grand Lenten walk for us all!

Check your Friday email for the Zoom link, or contact the church office.

Youth (Middle School/High School)

Youth Sunday School classes meet on Zoom from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
for "Donuts and Discussion."

All middle and high school students are invited to engage in this youth-centered, fun class each week. During the Lenten Season, Youth will engage in a parallel study with the adults, based on the devotional text "Lent in Plain Sight" by Jill Duffield, which focuses on an ordinary object of daily living, along with God’s promises in Scripture. Families, we hope you will enjoy discussing the objects and scriptures of focus during this special study!

Check your Friday email for the Zoom link, or contact the church office.

For Adults: 

Our Adult Sunday School class meets from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM on Zoom .

Have you ever noticed how God works through the ordinary? Jill Duffield notes that God works through “ordinary people, everyday objects, things we bump up against moment by moment.”

During the Lenten Season, adults will engage in a study entitled "Lent in Plain Sight" by Jill Duffield. Each week, we’ll highlight an object, something we encounter in our daily living, and through these objects, we’ll consider the possibility and the promise that God is present, Emmanuel. In February, we’ll explore how dust and bread offer us possibility and promise during the Lenten season!
Check your Friday email for the Zoom link, or contact the church office.
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